Who are we?
Flowers and plants are the living jewels on earth. Their beauty is celebrated worldwide, by all nations, cultures and societies. The ties among humans, flowers and plants date back to the prehistoric period.
In the last few decades, scientific and technological advancements have substantially advanced the flora and agri/horticultural industry, in their processes, technologies, and products. Sadly to say, gorgeous flowers, fascinating plants, cutting-edge technologies and smart innovations are not public good. In fact, it has remained beyond reach of many regions in the world.
Via Serica is a Dutch company that aims to bridge the developed countries with the regions in need of world-class, high quality agri/horticultural products, flowers and plants, and experienced professionals with expertise in innovative greenhouse technologies.
Heavily relying on an expanding network of trusted partners, including hypermarkets, wholesalers, and retailers in often unreachable regions of Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and East Asia, on the one hand, and prominent and respected producers and suppliers in developed countries on the other hand, Via Serica (the Silk Road in Latin) has succeeded to become a trading road between west and east.
Via Serica has created a new growing business market for the western farmers, growers, exporters, and wholesalers (whom are often dealing with saturated established markets), while enables the eastern customers and producers to effectively reach out to the west for new markets, technologies and expertise.
Therefor, our slogan is:
Beauty of agriculture for all!
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Via Serica is an embodiment of a fair and honest cross-continental trading that goes beyond mere monetary transaction. It's truly a road through which knowledge and expertise, collaboration and exploration is taking place. Bridging supply and demand is one thing, being successful as Via Serica in creating a flourishing network of knowledgeable suppliers and progressive customers is something different. So, to me, Via Serica is a well-deserved brand name that perfectly suits the company's vision.

Roman Ferenčak

Via Serica continues to search, develops long-lasting relationship and creates and leverages sustainable business opportunities in areas that many established companies do not dare to explore or simply overlook! The company provides an excellent access to new untapped markets and customers. Despite the dynamic markets that Via Serica is operating in, they are very successful in creating a stable and continuous trading. We are extremely happy with these young, trustworthy company and their potential network.

Jan de Boer

Via Serica is a young and dynamic organisation that operates in a fast growing market in Asia. The organization is well absorbed in the Western technology of cultivating and in the local conditions of the East. In this way, they are well positioned to help companies in the East. Via Serica is marked by a professional attitude and approach, transparent communication, in-depth understanding of business market and its dynamics, commitment and honesty. A really pleasant and progressive company to work with.

Tel: +31 6 4558 4554 Email: info@viaserica.nl KvK no. 65063783 BTW no. NL230000769B01 Address: Alida Tartaud-Kleinstraat 79 3066KJ Rotterdam The Netherlands